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    Musical Freedom

    XLR8 New Years 2017

    New Years 2017

    • Nov 25 2017
    • Music

    Get Ready to Rock in the New Year with XLR8 at the Westerly Hotel Ballroom! Tickets from the band and at the Westerly Hotel

    Ready for the Gig

    • August 13 2016
    • Music

    A Great time was had by all at the Sointula Salmon Days Dance. Good food, drink and dancing was the focus of the night!


    Setting up for a Gig

    • August 13 2016
    • Music

    Setting up for a Gig does take some time but we can tailor the show to your specific needs. You tell us what you want.

    Post IMG

    Sound and Light tech Bobby taking a break with his right hand man.

    Having a sense of humor in a Rock and Roll band is a must!

    Here's a quick video from the crowd while we rocked out 2016!

    • Dec 31 2016
    • Florence Filberg Centre Courtenay